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CNC machine

CNC Machining Services

Able Tek provides excellent CNC machining(Milling & Lathe parts) services for customized precision metal & plastic parts. Incorporating the newest CNC machining & turning processes with high standard techniques to deliver both quantity & quality. Thanks to our customers support and new demands of an ever changing manufacturing world. Our customers come to us because of our reputation for quality and on-time delivery at a competitive price. Able Tek will manage your entire project, meet your timelines and ship products to specification. We are competitive in rapid prototyping, short-run and high-volume machining projects. The goal is to develop relationships with our clients.

Machines We Use

CNC lathe : 30 sets
Machining center : 20 sets
MAC TURN 205-W : 1 set
CNC Siding head multi-task lathe : 10sets
Typical tolerance accuracy ranges between 0.10mm~0.05mm, complying with your specs

Carbon SteelsABS
Stainless SteelsPA6
Copper & BrassPEEK


Tolerance Accuracy

Our tolerance accuracy can range between 0.10mm~0.05mm complying to your specs.

Typically :
Milling for +/- 0.0065mm
Turning for +/- 0.005mm
Grinding for +/- 0.001mm