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1. What industries does Able Tek serve?

As an OEM manufacturer, we can serve all kinds of industries as long as drawings are provided for us to quote. Yet, there are a few industries that we specialized in: Laser Equipment, Control System, Relays, Optical Equipment, Measuring System, Sensors, Electronic Components…etc.

2. What is Able Tek’s machining capabilities?

※ Finished part size:

Turning: raw material OD: min Ø1mm – max Ø150mm
Milling: max. 1100 x 650 x 550mm

※ Tight tolerance that we can reach:

Milling: ±0.0065mm
Turning: ±0.0050mm
Extrusion: depending on the total length:

3. What materials does Able Tek use?

You name it, we make it! Able Tek is capable of working on the common materials such as Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper or Aluminum, and we also have experience in machining Carpenter Invar, Remko B, C276 and Nickel Silver. We can also provide parts with RoHs compliance as well.

4. What finish treatments can Able Tek provide?

► Nickel Plating / Electroless Nickel Plating/ Zinc Plating / Hard Chrome Plating
► Anodize (thickness 2-15 μm)
► Hard Anodize (thickness 15+ μm)
► Black Oxide
► Passivation
► Heat Treatment
► Sand Blasting
► Laser Marking/Engraving
► Powder Coating
► Surface Grinding
► Screen Printing
► Chem Film /Chromate
► Vacuum Deposited Aluminum (Mirror Finish) / #4 Brushed Finish / #8 Mirror Finish

For sample pictures of the finish we do, please visit our Finish page, thank you.

5. If I would like to have my parts anodized, what should I keep in mind?

Anodize are usually in clear or black color, but, Unison Tek can provide other colors such as red, gold, blue and green for you!

6. What particle size do Able Tek use for sand blasting?

Sand size vary with the cosmetic you prefer. Yet, the two types that we use the most are 10-50μm and 105-210μm.
Here are some photos for your reference.

7. What heat treatment process do you provide?

We can do Temper, Quench, Anneal, Carburize and Nitriding.

8. What roughness can Able Tek achieve?

By machining, we can achieve RA 0.4. By grinding, we can reach up to Ra 0.1!

9. Can Able Tek assemble my parts?

Yes! Of course. Able Tek can machine parts and assemble them for you.

10. Is there a MOQ? How about Able Tek’s capacity?

There is no MOQ! We can support small quantity projects or prototypes for just 1 or2 pieces.
For production capacity, generally we can produce around 120k pcs in one day. Yet, this is just a rough estimate as the actual number depends on the size of the parts and tolerance required…etc. Still, since we have many CNC machines in our shop, we can rearrange production to meet your large demand or tight lead time if necessary.

11. What machines are used in Able Tek?

Please see our machine list below, thank you.

TAKISAWA Ø10 – Ø300*400mm 29 TAIWAN
TAKISAWA Ø10 – Ø200*300mm 1 JAPAN
ARES.SEIKI 300*400*200mm-12T 6 TAIWAN
CHANGYU 1400*500*300mm-24T 1 TAIWAN
TAKISAWA 300*400*200mm-10T 2 TAIWAN
DAHLIH 1000*500*300mm-24T 4 TAIWAN
HANTING 1000*500*300mm-24T 5 TAIWAN
JEENXI 1000*500*300mm-24T 2 TAIWAN
OKUMA Ø30 – Ø200*200mm 1 JAPAN
CNC Sliding head multi-task lathe CAPACITY QTY MANUFACTURER
STAR Ø1-Ø34 x 80mm 1 JAPAN
STAR Ø1-Ø20 x400mm 9 JAPAN
EQUIPTOP ESG-818M 200*400*150mm 2 TAIWAN
CHITAI max. Ø200mm 1 TAIWAN
12. Can Able Tek sign my NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or provide me one?

Yes, your information is safe with us. We have no problem signing your NDA. If you don’t have your own NDA format, we can provide ours for you to check and sign.


1. How do I send RFQ to Able Tek?

Getting quote is simple and easy, simply click here  or the “Get Quote” icon on top of each page and we will send you our quotes within 2-3 business days!

2. What trade terms does Able Tek provide?

We usually quote in ExWork, but we are very flexible. We do FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP as well! Please let us know the trade terms that you would like us to provide during the quoting process and we can cooperate with you.

If you don’t have a clear idea about trade term, please consult with us. We will be very glad to help. We have lots of experience in arranging shipments and can assist you to get your parts in the best shipping method!

3. What information should be provided when sending RFQ?

Please send us dimensions, tolerance, material, finish treatment (or engineering drawing with above information) and quantity needed for your part when sending a RFQ, thank you.

4. Can I inquire without an engineering drawing?

We highly recommend to send inquiries with engineering drawings so that the price will be more accurate. see an engineering drawing sample here


However, for parts such as pins or threaded bars, we should have no problem quoting by reading descriptions of requirements as well. Also, if you have samples, we might be able to quote per samples provided as well!
Please contact for quoting without engineering prints, thank you!

5. What files does Able Tek support?

As we use SolidWorks, we are able to open most of the files. No matter CAD or 3D! The ones that we use more frequently are .dwg/.dxf for CAD and .iges/.stp for 3D.

6. How long does it take Able Tek to quote my RFQ?

Usually it takes around 2-3 business days for us to provide our quotes. However, if you have an urgent need, we will try our best to expedite for you. Get a quote now!

Business Cooperation (Orders/Payments/Shipping/Visit)

1. How do I place an order?

Simply send the order to your contact at Able Tek and we will proceed with it immediately. If you don’t have an ordering system, we can provide sales contract for you to confirm and sign as an official order.

2. What is the average lead time?

Our average lead time is around 3 weeks. Yet, we can expedite for you if you have a rush order. Let us know in advance and we can provide parts in as short as 5 business days!

3. What payment methods does Able Tek accept?

We currently accept payments via wire transfer and PayPal, which allows you to pay with your credit/debit card as well.

4. Which countries does Able Tek ship to?

No matter which country, we can ship to where you are! We have been exporting precision metal parts for over 25 years. Our main customers are in North America, Europe (including UK) and Australia. But, we do ship to other places too. For all the countries where our clients are located, please click here.



5. How are my goods packed?

Our experienced staff in shipping department will determine the best way to pack your parts. Usually, we will pack parts into plastic bags then place them in the boxes that match their size. We also have plastic trays and anti-rust bags to prevent parts being damaged or oxidized during production too.
We can also follow your packing instruction if you have a preferred packing method.

► Packaging material we use are as follows:
Anti-Corrosion Bags (VCI Anti Rust Bags) / Blister Packs (Plastic Tray) / EPE Foam Buffer Packing Material / Plastic Web / Zip Lock Bags

6. How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

Able Tek has great contracts with DHL and FedEx. Thus, shipping can be as fast as 2 business days with economical freight cost. Click here to calculate your shipping cost.

Also, we have forwarders who can assist with sea shipments and standard air freight services as well.

7. Can I track my packages?

Of course! Since Able Tek uses DHL and FedEx, tracking number and ETA (estimated time of arrival) will always be provided when parts are dispatched.

8. Do I have to pay for duties and tax?

This depends on the trade term you decided during the quoting process. However, if you provide VAT/HTS/Tariff code that fits your parts the most, we will ensure your parts are imported into your country under the correct product category.

9. I need your help! Can you come visit me? Or, can I go visit Able Tek?

Yes! In order to provide the most suitable services for you, we can arrange a visit to your office/factory if that’s preferable.
If a visit is not required in a hurry, we can also arrange one into our regular business trip which we go around the world to visit customers every one or two years.

Same works the other way around, if you would like to visit us, please advise in advance so we can arrange pickups and factory tour for you!

We understand that sometimes face to face communication is required to better solve technical issues or develop deeper relationships. Yet, if an actual visit is not the most convenient way for you, we welcome any conference calls and/or Skype meetings as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


1. Are my parts inspected?

For sure. Quality is our first priority here at Able Tek. We only send our parts that passed inspection/QC so no worries at all!

2. What QC does Able Tek do?

We utilize SPC, PCP, IPQC and PPAP. We can also do 100% inspection for your order upon request.

3. What inspection machines/instruments does Able Tek use?

Able Tek’s Inspection Equipment List:

–    CMM x 2
–    Height gage x 4
–    Profile projector x 3
–    Hardness tester x 1
–    Roughness tester x2
–    Concentricity gage x 1
–    Micrometer x 20
–    Thread gages, Ring gages, Plug gages at different specifications
–    Calipers

Inspection Equipment Model Quantity
Coordinate measuring system ( manually ) GAGE2000 1
Coordinate measuring system ( auto ) CORDAX D-8 1
Profile Projector EM-2.5D-3020 BATY R14 2
Hardness Testing Instrument ATK-600 1
Surface Roughness Instrument SJ-210 1
Height Gauge HITE400 1
4. What if I am not happy with the goods received, what should I do?

We take full responsibility of the parts we made. After confirming the cause of defect or why the parts are not preferable, we can either rework or build new parts for you.

5. Can Able Tek provide certs?

Yup, please let us know the certs you need during the quoting process. We can provide material cert (or data sheet for plastic parts), plating cert, inspection report, C of C, PPAP…etc.

*Please note that the cost of PPAP depends on the level and quantity of the samples required.

6. Can I get samples before production run?

Of course! Let us know the sample quantity you need and we can quote it for you. We can also discuss how to credit the sample fee back to you once the parts are approved and we start producing mass production for you.