Hard Turning refers to the process of single point cutting of hardened pieces within the 2 micron range with hardness between 58 and 62 HRC. Hard turning has proven to be worthy alternative to the more expensive and cost consuming grinding. The main advantages of hard turning compared to grinding:

Advantage 1: Cost saving
A standard single point cutting tool can turn complex contours eliminating the need for expensive form wheels and thus reducing the tool costs tremendously.

Advantage 2: Time saving
Multiple operations can be done in one clamping set-up which means less part handling, easy configuration changes reducing the cycle time drastically. Hard turning operations are in some cases 80% faster than comparable grinding operations.

Advantage 3: Environmental friendly
Environmental Hard turning is in many cases a dry and environmental process eliminating the disposal of grinding sludge.

Grinding Compared to Hard Turning

GrindingHard Turning
Long set up timesShort set up times
Multiple clamping operationsSingle clamping operation
Long cycle timesCycle times up to 80% faster
Low chip volumeHigh chip volume possible
Profiled grinding wheelSingle point tool tip
Non-productive dressing operations requiredNo dressing, effective cutting time
High investment costsLow investment costs
Environmental unfriendly due to grinding sludgeDry cutting, thus clean process